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...I still don't have the car. Before you ask, "What the Hell?" here the scoop.

Car is inbound for sure. We've been stalking my order's event history this week and I've seen a half dozen "Bayed" events since the "Rail Ramp Unload." That said, I'm fairly sure (again) that the car will be here any day.

I had the dealer give me an appraisal on my trade-in Jetta Tuesday and I was going to be about $500 upside-down from their top offer. Knowing my locked in interest rate was about to expire and hearing the sales manager making comments about really needing sales to close the month, I threw out the idea of inking the deal today (end of month). Why would I do this? It got me 500 extra bucks for my trade and makes delivery that much quicker. They threw a dealer plate on my Jetta as a loaner until my Solstice comes in.

Works out well for everyone! :)

Now, with that said, I have to shame the business/finance side of the operation for 2 reasons...

1st, they presented me with a "initial beside the purchase option you want" sheet. I figured one option was for an extended warranty and the other would be "just give me the car". In fact it was 2 different extended warranty options with no option to decline. It took me asking to see that price/payment combo and that's obviously the one I picked.

2nd, they tried to slip on the standard "we put this on every vehicle" paint protection despite having told my salesman to reject it. This took about 20 seconds to resolve, but that's beside the point.

The reason this especially bothers me is when I requested to get MSRP in writing I got the "don't you trust us?" routine. Also, when I was reading the 10 documents that I signed today (Yes, I actually read things before I sign them. What a concept!) I got similar annoyance from the finance guy who stated, "We're not going to take advantage of you." Yes, this was the same finance guy trying to slip in the extended warranty and protection packages. So to answer the original "Don't you trust us?" question...no, and apparently I have good reason not to. :nono:

Finally, $99 doc/prep fee. That's acceptable.

Come on delivery!
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