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Anybody have any ideas as to the top tires to use for a racing version of the solstice?

I think most of the stock categories force the same wheel size, so 18" is it (assuming the production size is still 18").

I think the top brands are maybe the following:

Kuhmo (autocrossing, road racing)
Hoosier (autocrossing, road racing)
Goodyear (road racing)
Toyo (autocrossing)

Suggestions on sizes and what's available, and what's hot now (been out of racing for a few years)?

Any experienced racers out there?

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From an autocross perspective, it looks like Hoosiers are at the top right now. Kuhmos are popular with those who are willing to give up a few tenths in exchange for getting a few more weekends per set. I couldn't find the stock Soltice size (245/45R18) in either brand at Tirerack, though I imagine they'll be available at launch if the Soltice marketing/competition representatives are on the ball.

Of course, the competition tire market changes every 17 minutes, so by the time any of us actually have a Solstice in our driveway the above info will be obsolete :)

-Stephen M
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