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Hello all. Finally figured out my way around this forum somewhat. I'm thankful to all who have educated me on how to do things on my car. Want to share the things I've done with my car to make it different to suit my taste, and see what others have done to make their cars suit their tastes as well.

IMG_8811_zps6b35a152.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

chrome fender trim

IMG_8810_zps62f59497.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

chrome trim around the grill with extended license plate holder

IMG_8805_zps0136868f.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket
Ok.......so I've seen all the mods to headlights on here and thought I would go one better. Instead of painting on the inside of the lights, I decided to paint on the outside. I first laid down a coat of gloss black, then a coat of flat black over it, which gives a subtle black satin finish, almost like vinyl. Did the headlights , tail lights and a-pillar.

chrome trim around rear grill...chrome acorn nuts with polished sheet metal washers on splash guards

IMG_8798_zpsa701e282.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket
IMG_8808_zps1912c475.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

Polished diamond plate floor mats

IMG_8794_zps69e5dd8e.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

IMG_8795_zps974e6f1c.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

chrome paint applied to dash tunnels for better visibility of the dials

IMG_8803_zps52743cb6.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

IMG_8796_zps55aaf11a.jpg Photo by aeschbo | Photobucket

Brushed steel shift knob....When I did this knob , I used a 5/8 coupler that fit perfectly over the shift arbor, and 5/8 threaded rod. (drilled & tapped the coupler to hold it all together).

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As individual as you are. If it suits your tastes then all I can say is well done. The shift knob looks sharp.

If you use the link on the right in Photobucket and the tags here you can insert the pics in your post.


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see, I knew there was a way to get a different shift knob without having to go the JPM route. way to go. as for the mods, there's a couple that I really like.

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Your last name isn't Brown by chance is it? ;)

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