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ADD on trip

The Mt. drive previously posted is great.

In Solstice a great addition is: From I-25 in Fort Collins turn West(toward Mts.) on Hwy 14(Mulberry Rd), follow W. to 287(College), go N. on 287 to 287By-pass light; continue W. on W54G through little town of LaPorte. At Verns Restraunt turn W. on W52E and head through Bellview & on West up through Rist Canyon(GREAT Curves) to Stove Prairie. Turn South on Stove Prairie RD. drive through Masonville to Us. 34 (now you are west of Loveland); head West to Estes Park through the canyons and continue South on the Peak to Peak drive.

If comming from the South on the Peak to Peak Drive just reverse the above directions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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