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2.4Solstice06's MOD Page

Welcome To 2.4Solstice06's MOD Page

2006 Solstice Mysterious
Bought used in 2008

Engine Mods:
GT2876R Turbocharger
Turbo Smart 38mm Wastegate
Vibrant Intercooler
Seimen 60 LBS. Injectors
Catless Downpipe
Turbo Smart BOV
Air Raid "You Build It" 4" Intake W/ K&N Filter
Magnaflow 2.5" Single Exhaust

Suspension & Chassis Mods:
DDM Venom Brace
DDM Extreme Backbone
DDM Pro-Beam

Interior Mods:
JPM Shifter with Alcantra Boot
AEM Wideband Gauge
Harbor Freight Boost Gauge
DDM A Pillar Gauge Pod

Drivetrain Mods:
Limited Slip Differential

Spec Stage 3+ Clutch
Norm's Fiberglass Streetable Coupe Hard Top
ZOK Sway Bars
BC Coilovers

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Nice list. Not sure about the top replacement?

Sadly I have been forced to give up maintaining my mod list. I had to go to the Punisher thread to keep track . . . . its just getting totally out of hand.

However, sadly I can see no end of the creative possibilities:thumbs::agree::thumbs:

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I haven't decided about the EDAG top. I primarily purchased the EDAG top because I thought the dealership that was selling it would end up trashing it because they told me it was taking up too much space in their parts department and they just wanted it gone. Thought it was a cool part of Solstice history that would be more appreciated in the future then when it was initially available. Most people don't even know about the oddball stuff that was produced for a certain car until a picture is posted, or article written, 10 or 20 years afterwards.

However, it wasn't until I removed the OEM decklid that I discovered the EDAG top also needed brackets and hardware for it to be mounted and used. I contacted EDAG but they were ignoring my email help requests. Then a EDAG rep called me out of the blue and gave me Peter's number of Revenge Design (RD) . RD is the company that had purchased the remaining EDAG inventory. Peter in turn agreed to sell me the attaching hardtop kit, and informed me they were offering deep discounts on the hardtops. I passed the discount info to the forum and that got renewed interest which in the EDAG tops again, plus I asked MomSol to delete my EDAG sucks thread.

The fire sales prices is what attracted renewed interest in EDAG tops again along w/the discovery of the one and only SKY hardtop they produced and purchased by a forum member.

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Roxer's MOD Page

2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP - MYSTERIOUS
Name: 女妖 (NuYao - Banshee)
Options: Manual Trans/Monsoon Sound/XM Radio/Premium Package/Headliner
Brought Home Stock (2nd Owner): August 9, 2014
First MOD: September 8, 2014

Engine/Drivetrain Mods:
GMPP Cold Air Intake
DDM Coil Cover
DDM Oil Catch Can w/ Steel Braided Hoses
DDM Power Steering Relocate
DDM Charge Pipes
DDM Intercooler
DDM Short Shifter
SOLO Performance High-Flow CAT
SOLO Performance Mach Exhaust

Suspension/Chassis Mods:
DDM Race Backbone
DDM Pro-Beam
FE3 Z0K Sway Bars
FE3 Z0K Springs
Z0K Alignment

Interior Mods:
Tinted Windows
DDM KappaRoo
DDM KappaAttic
DDM KappaLuggage

Exterior Mods:
Kappasphere Chrome Domes
Opel Shorty Antenna
ASAP Backup Light & Fog Light Covers
ASAP Side Marker covers
Red Calipers w/ GXP Graphics

To Do Mods:
Aftershock Products Rear Lip Spoiler
DDM Stage I Brake (or Big Brake) Upgrade
DDM Tune
AEM Water/Meth Injection
BFG G-Force Sport Comp-2 or Conti ExtremeContact DW Tires
EFR-6758 Turbo upgrade
DDM Clutch upgrade
DDM gauge pod w/ boost and ? gauges
Clear Bra
Lil' Chromies
Sound System Speaker upgrade
Engine rebuild
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