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So far, I tallied up the results of the Hot/Not polls,

Rank order of average ratings are:

Solstice (A)
VX lightning (B+)
Nomad (B)
Curve (C)
Sky (D+)
Bengal (D)

I also experimented with a factor I like to call "styling divisiveness". [Man, I'm SUCH a geek! Honest, I'm married and have several normal hobbies!!!]

It is represented by the "spread" of the styling ratings. Most easily applied as the variance or standard deviation.

Prelim conclusions: The Bengal is pretty universal as a D design. Good idea not to produce this car.

The Solstice had the least spread, and is universally agreed to as a good design.

The VX and Nomad are both "decent" designs, but also "divisive" i.e. more spread in the ratings. This means in general it's pretty good, but there will be some who don't like it so much. This can be good or bad, depending on how apologetic they are for the styling. Make no apologies (like the element) and they might get away with it. Admit they made something that isn't universally pretty, and they get an Aztec (or so my hypothesis goes).

The sky and curve are "mediochre" designs that are also "divisive". I would interpret these as designs that should not be pursued. Should anyone ever produce a niche vehicle that is "average"? I think not. The added implication of inconsistent styling makes matters worse, in that there won't be agreement that the design is even "pretty good". That's typical saturn - so-so designs that some like and some hate, but I think saturn needs to do better.

If they (Saturn marketing, that is) were smart, they would go for a VX Lightning look. And come up with a cool name for it (instead of the anticipated "Saturn R1, R2, R3 and Redline - *yawn*).

Still tabulating results. If you haven't participated yet, please check out the polls in General Solstice Discussion (for the Solstice) and General Off Topic (for the other designs). The more the merrier. I'll update later.

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We may be a little biased in those polls too, since we are here because we love the Solstice! No problem in that, but a poll on a non-Solstice site might make a difference in the poll results. Based on comments I have heard on the cars, the Lightning is generally very well liked, and some people are cool on the Solstice front end. I bet they would be about even in an non-Solstice site poll, although they both would still be in the B+ to A range.
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