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I finally got the nerve to cut open my factory Intercooler and calculate the effective flow area. It has 14 tubes measuring .115 x 2.50 inches (Inside). I assume that the fins inside the tubes block 25% of the flow area. So I calculate the flow area to be .115x2.5x14x.75= 3.02 sq in. This equates to a 1.96"dia ID tube.

Likewise I measured the space between plates on our (DEJON) IC to be .262" and the length is 3.06" for 11 air passages. The flow area is .262x3.06x11x.75= 6.61sq inches. Over twice the flow area of the factory IC. This equates to a 2.90"ID tube

QUESTION: with the factory IC flow area being 26" long, does the factory Intercooler effectively throttle the air flow at high rpm instead of the Throttle body?

See pic attached


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