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Not sure if this link will take you page 3 of this thread on the Miata forum. Look at the posts from Grimace. Not sure if he really does have any inside knowledge or not as he claims but he's predicting a few pleasant surprises for Solstice.

Link: http://forum.miata.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=42;t=000168;p=3

Couple of snippets:

Don't worry, it isn't. Can't say anything else on the subject, but the "hard-top attachment sockets" aren't what you think they are.
<lips sealed, although with the misinformation in this thread, it's so very hard...>
Originally posted by NetKev_92NA:
Any chance they have a double hinge trunk like an SLK? Open the front to stow the top, open the rear for stuff. They're not trying to make it as light as a Miata, so they'd have some gadget options.

Fit and finish, even for a pre-production car, was quite good. Plastics and fabrics weren't typical GM tacky. The gearshift lever falls easily into hand and has a good feel. Throws were short, but not quite Miata short. The seat felt nice and fairly supportive, but a seat can feel good at rest and be terrible in motion when actually using the pedals, etc., so I'll reserve judgement on that later. All-in-all, probably the best GM interior I've been in. I especially liked the way the stereo/HVAC controls were tilted towards the driver. The gauges were easy to see through the steering wheel. The interior as a whole felt driver-oriented, and fit my 6'0" 190 lb. frame a lot better than the NB Miata. For example, on the NB, my leg hits the area under the steering column when I let out the clutch or move my foot to the brake. Not so on the Solstice.

The car's shape, in person, is much better than in photos. I really like it. Looks are subjective, but this is a sexy car.
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