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I own a vintage Lamborghini and belong to some groups for those cars. From one came this clip which I thought any car geeks might find interesting - a retrospective of one car, originally owned by Gianfranco Innocenti, another Italian car designer, given to him by his father in 1973 and now reunited with him by Valentino Balboni, test driver for the factory since 1968.

Kidston - The Reunion: 1973-2013

If you grow bored of the chat portion, go to about 6:30 and look at Balboni driving the very same Miura freshly restored for Pebble Beach this year.

I do love that sound!

PS - the car weighed about what a Solstice does, and had about the same net power as a tuned GXP. The top speed was considerably better as it had much better aerodynamics, but the Solstice would get to it's top speed more quickly, being faster through the gears, an accomplishment given that in the early 1970s the Miura was THE car for high performance.
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