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I am curious to see if anyone here has driven an Ion Redline, since we are speculating that the engine could end up in a Solstice. So far the professional reviews I have seen for the car have been mixed. Some sources like the engine, but not the transmission due to its gearing. I have seen other sources that indicate the transmission is matched well to the engine.

SCC didn't like the car overall, but was impressed with the motor. They dyno'd it at somewhere around 214 HP at the wheels, meaning the motor is underrated at 205 HP. :thumbs They also said its still building HP at its 6450 redline, which may be increased at some point in the future, but not for 2005 anyway. They managed a 0-60 of around 7.2, and a low 15 quarter.

I also read a comparo between it and an SRT-4 in this months Road and Track. The SRT-4 won the comparo but not by much. They said the Ion RL motor was noticeably less powerful (not a big surprise since the SRT-4 is underrated too) but it was not nearly as peaky as the Dodge turbo motor, and easier to live with in daily driving situations. They also noticed it was building power at its redline. They did get better times than SCC too, running under 7 seconds to 60 and if I remember right, they broke into the 14's for the quarter.

Since the Ion RL is 100+ pounds heavier than the Solstice will be, the Solstice using this engine should be more than entertaining to drive, especially if they increase its redline by the time it gets into the Solstice.
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