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Funny thing is that soltoy decided to ask here first...

The pontiac.com site has a crapload of info on the Solstice, including animations of the top folding down, rotating views of the car... specs...

Pontiac should be paying us... :lol:

Oh yeah,

PS. Soltoy, look up the smiley on the forum rules/guidelines/etiquette thread, available many ways, among which are: through the Site Help sub forum, or through the link in my signature. It is an inside joke you'll learn about if you stick around and participate in the forum.

The Sky SHOW CAR is being displayed with more agressive tires - but they may not (prolly will not) be the production tire. This is a sleight of hand that is done with show cars, concept cars, marketing to show the car in it's best light for all aspects. Notice, that show car also has NO antenna, and no real seal extension for a functional seal of the roof at the top of the header (called "baby arms" on the forum - search or look in FAQ for a description if you haven't gotten it). The show car prolly doesn't even have a functional top.

The "production" Solstice shown at the 04 Detroit auto show had these same tires - as did the "rolling chassis" - yet the production tire is a Goodyear Eagle RSA High Performance All Season tire with a much less agressive tread.

Just warning you, be careful of what your assumptions are based on a show car.

Good eye on detail, though. :thumbs:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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