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Jacksonville NC and surrounding areas kappa meetup?

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So I've noticed a TON of kappas in and around Jacksonville NC. Are any of you on here and interested in doing a meet and greet or even a cookout/weekend drive sometime?
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I've seen you! Recently! Cannot remember just where, but it may have been at the Cars and Coffee this month. I wanted to see if there were any of the new 'vettes there. Kappaccino meets up here for breakfast in the spring, fall and summer months. Last Saturday of the month. We're off for Nov and Dec and Jan thru March are weather dependent. Jax is a long way, but if you have biz in the triangle area, save it for Saturdays!
That may have been an I40 sighting then. I've been driving my Jimmy up and down that road a lot lately..
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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