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Talked to my dealer, my order has been accepted by GM and he's getting me my VOM today or tomorrow!

BAD NEWS: GMS discount NO LONGER ACCEPTED for Solstice. :banghead:

I was told only 4 cars under the GM ubmrella are not qualified:
Corvette, XLR, GTO, and the Sol.

I have not given up the possibility that it may just be my dealer trying to get more money out of me, so I'm going to check a few others and if need be, cancel my order.

However, I do have it in writing, the car pricing with GMS price, so we'll see if I can bargain with that at all. He printed 2 copies when I first ordered the car and we BOTH signed both copies. That's gotta be binding in some way.

Any dealer types out there who can say anything that will make me feel better?

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