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HI. I'm considering a trip around Lake Huron this upcoming Summer and would appreciate some input from those of you who know the areas/roads. I was going to come across at Sarnia and follow the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron up through Bruce Peninsula, then take the ferry across to Manitoulin. From there I'd continue on highway 6 north to highway 17, then take that west to Sault Ste marie, then come back down the Michigan side.
Has anyone here driven some of that route? Are the selected roads in decent shape? Is the route flat or does it have some elevation? Is it a scenic route; and are there any spots along the route that I should stop and see while I'm passing by?
I'm thinking of a 5-day trip from Detroit and back. Could probably do it in 3 days but would like to enjoy some of the local spots.
Any ideas?? Thanks!
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