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OK, who says Vancouver is a no fun city!

Reaching out to all the Greater Vancouver Kappa Solstice and Sky owners.

Let's get together and represent before the summer comes to a close...

Let's plan to attend the Langley Good Times Cruise-In on September 9th, 2017.

This is the largest show of the year and has moved from Langley township to Aldergrove township.

Ultimately we can meet up and enter the show together, keeping our cars together in a Kappa Korral.

Morning Meetup Location and time: Corner of 264th St. and 52nd Ave @ 8AM, September 9th, 2017.

If interested let me know so we can keep an eye out for you.

The show begins at 9am so we will be heading out from the meet up location at 8:10 heading down 264th St to Fraser Highway.
The show entrance is on Fraser Highway @ 264th Street.

Preregistration is $20.00 and if you preregister the whole process going much faster and easier to keep us together. Otherwise registration is $30.00 at the show and you will have to queue up in separate line to register.

Would love to see you there, EH.:wink:


Show Details: Langley GoodTimes Cruise-in :: Home


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It was wet and wild. Great time despite the rain.

It was an early start at 5am when I headed out. 0:) :driving:

Arrived at the show location in Aldergrove, BC at 6:15am. :yawn:

Being preregistered check in was painless and the coupe ended up parked in a prime location right in the heart of the show. :grin:

Rain was forecast for mid morning and I was really happy that I managed to arrived dry and clean.
Then the rains came and unfortunately stayed for the duration of the show.

Despite the new show location in Aldergrove and the rain forecast there was probably 800 - 1000 cars in attendance.:drool:

Turns out I was the only Solstice. :surprise:

Spent the day fielding all the usual 'coupe' questions.
I find this really cool and I am always surprised how much interest the car gets.
She even shows up in 2 of the videos posted by attendees to YouTube, see below.

Funny Side Note: :laugh:
I was parked right in front of the local Hells Angels booth and outside the local stripper joint so maybe that had something to do with all the interest? Just say'n.
At least I knew my car was safe... :devil:

Despite the rain I had a terrific time and the crowds were huge.:party:
Lots of vendors, food, and things to see and do.

In-N-Out Burgers were in attendance again and the line up was already a block long at 8am.
Needless to say, I didn't partake.
Saying that, all proceeds go to local charities so thanks to In-N-0ut.

Below is links to the current images and videos of the show for those who could not attend.

Now to re-detail the car after the run home in the rain.

YouTube Langley Good Time Cruise-In 2017
LangleyAdvance VIDEOS
Langley Good Times Cruise-In September 9, 2017 Langley Times
Langley Good Times Cruise-In September 9, 2017 Langley Times.

Hope to see you out next year to this premier car event?



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