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So, not sure this is going to happen yet but I am looking at the possibility of bringing my Solstice to Omaha for one game of the college world series. I plan to make a trip from Missouri, to the CWS, up to Mt Rushmore and Badlands and back down to Missouri.

I just can't fathom leaving my car in a parking lot during the game. So I'm looking for a place to park for a few hours. My plan would be to get an uber from the parking location to the game and back. I would be willing to pay for parking. I just want to park somewhere that I know the Sol would be safe and where better than a person who owns a Kappa.

I would be camping in the area. I have done this type of thing several times on a motorcycle and had a blast. Since selling the bike I would be doing this in the Sol.

Anyone live in that area who would be willing to rent some parking space for a few hours?
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