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V8 LS2, Mallet, 6Spd, Sly (grey), Penske coilovers, 19' polished alloy wheels, #4/100, 10,400 Miles (Reserve $38K, current bid $25K)

2:40 hours left

Pontiac Solstice Mallett Cars Ltd V8 Conversion 004 100 | eBay
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Just wondering what effect Mallet's bankruptcy will have on the future sale of these cars?
It shouldn't affect future sales much, the Mallets that have gone up for sale on auction sites usually end up being sold in the mid-20s. I would imagine that's where they will continue to trade for the foreseeable future.

Nobody really knows . . . :dunno: . . . or, at least, I don't know. :rofl:
Just wondering what effect Mallet's bankruptcy will have on the future sale of these cars?
Be aware that Mallett went through bankruptcy several years ago, and the outfit that bought Mallett to bring them out of bankruptcy discovered after the ensuing time period that Mallett wasn't profitable, and decided to pull the plug and close the doors, and sell off all the assets.

One can only file for bankruptcy every seven years, if I remember correctly.

EDIT: Mallett may have gone through a state receivership instead of a bankruptcy before they moved from Ohio to NC. I'd have to do a bit of searching to remember correctly. :dunno:

That's what I was thinking they never offered a blue Solstice in 2006
At least not THAT blue. They did offer Deep blue in 2006. (Dark Ming metallic blue).

Compnine id's that VIN number as an Aggressive Red.
OEM SCCA editions cars are somewhat rare.
There were only 90 of the SCCA T2 GXPs made.

Maybe it's my monitor then, but every time I see it, it looks lighter than OEM.
I have to agree, it just doesn't quite look like stock Wicked. But it is probably just the color balance on the camera that was used to snap the picture.


1 - 5 of 380 Posts
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