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Replaced my thermostat, again. Same as the first failure at ~60K miles. This one showed up at 130K, replaced today at 140K. Dallas wasn't much of an issue for cold weather, so I wasn't too motivated to fix the ---- code since it doesn't really show up here. Only issue in the last year was a couple of cold days in Arkansas and Kerrville where I did a multi-step warmup to avoid the code. :yesnod: Have a code program to clear it, too, if needed. Same rubber gasket failure.

I ordered the upper and lower hoses a while back to replace. Upper no problem. Lower hose, though, is a pain. Besides getting the 2.4L "late" hose versions instead of my 2.4L "early" version, I was still going to see if the new hose would work. But, I can't figure out how to get the smaller take-off hose clamp loose where it connects near the firewall. My son and I looked and tried various entry points with no success. Other than taking off AC connections and the brake master cylinder/vacuum can, I don't see how to get at it. So, I re-connected the two large hose ends and will save this job for another day.

Anyone replaced the lower hose? If so, please share how you got to the small hose connector. :)

BTW, anyone with a 2.4L "late" engine that wants a Gates lower radiator hose, PM me. I'll give it up for $50 plus shipping. Rock Auto wants $65.99.
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