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To you doubters and whiners that need something to do,,,,


This is Mrs. Y.T - It is true that my husband borrowed the extra money to buy another solstice from a gentleman(Jim) here in Omaha. The timing wasn't right for Jim. And there was NO way we were going to sit back and let Jim default that car to those lying, greedy, unethical,bast$%%ds. With that being said, we talked about it between YT and I and then approached our REAL non-profit organization, www.maabaseball.com Feel free to look it up! My husband and I have been active volunteers/directors/contributors since 1997 - kids are all grown so it's not like we have to be down there all summer long anymore) We talked to the president of MAA and decided that if it took a 2nd mortgage on our house we would not let SATAN win this battle. They will not make a dime on that car. And to prove further how sincere we are about our feelings and the horrible way we have been treated by Plaza, decided that the money should be donated so nobody could say the same about us. If any of you knew what those Plaza Pontiac people have put my husband through, you'd all be here tomorrow with us, outside their lot with picket signs warning all the innocent car buying public to take their business elsewhere. Since the beginning of this contest we have been lied to continually, treated horribly rudely, and have witnessed first hand numerous contest violations. Nobody will directly benefit from the sale of this car and to prove that, we will sell the car for the exact to the penny price we paid for it and the buyer can write a donation check to the Millard Athletic Association for 6,000-7,000 and they can write it off. Honestly it is worth the amount of the write off to be sure that Plaza does not benefit 1 penny from the sale of these cars. Oh, except they will make some money on the one that "one of the salespeople" that works there owns and it sitting on their salesfloor. Which by the way is clearly a DIRECT RULE VIOLATION of the published rules of this contest. Yet the car still sits there and nobody from Pontiac is doing a darn thing about the violation. If Pontiac doesn't want to get sued for rigging their own contest, perhaps they should raffle off "their" car to charity. Just for a little redemption maybe? Or before the GM loses his lot? It's actually car dealers like Plaza that give the car sales industry a bad name.
Once again, this IS Mrs. Y.T. and I know my husband can go a bit "overboard" at times but this Solstice situation is all God's honest truth so there are a few of you that owe him an apology and you also owe Millard Athletic Association a donation. Put your money wher your mouth is like my husband, the mighty mouth, is :) To all the others, may God bless.
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