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Making the Exhaust Manlier

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I've had my '07 Solstice GXP for about 2 months now and I really love everything about it... except the exhaust noise. I hate getting emasculated by an idling non-SS Camaro, when I could blow his doors off.

I'm on a budget and looking to get a throatier, rumbling exhaust, but I'm on a budget and don't want to invest more than $500. Any power gains would be fine, but are not a priority.

The only thing I've done is toss in a K&N air filter. Everything else is completely stock.

I'm probably going to grab the LNF budget tune for a bit more power, but for the purposes of this thread, I want to make my exhaust, deeper, throatier and manlier. I want to turn purr into a rumbling growl.

I really don't know much about cars, and nothing about modding. I don't mind paying for an install if needed.

Here's a random video I found on YT of a great-sounding exhaust, although he's removed his cat and I don't necessarily want my engine to backfire that much...

Oh, and I'd like to keep it legal in terms of emissions and noise.

Thanks so much for helping out a Solstice noob.
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If your OEM exhaust is in good condition you can sell it and recoup some money. Lot of us have installed the 2.0 dual exhaust onto the 2.4. Only mod 2.4 owners need to do is replace the 2.4 single exhaust valance with the 2.0 dual exhaust valance or buy one of Norms dual custom fiberglass valances.
Hence my suggestion to sell your 2.0 dual exhaust system to someone wanting to swap it onto their 2.4 OEM single exhaust. When I replaced my 2009, 2.0 OEM exhaust w/Solo, I then had it installed onto our 2006, 2.4 single exhaust. It wasn't done for power is was done because I wanted the 2.4 to have a dual exhaust. Also, it did increase the sound of the 2.4, but not significantly.

Had I wanted to sell the 2.0 OEM exhaust I probably would of searched the forum to see what others sold theirs for. A sale would have offset the cost of the Solo 2.0 cat back system.

BTW, the OEM muffler looks like the Titanic compared to the size of aftermarket performance mufflers.
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