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Making the Exhaust Manlier

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I've had my '07 Solstice GXP for about 2 months now and I really love everything about it... except the exhaust noise. I hate getting emasculated by an idling non-SS Camaro, when I could blow his doors off.

I'm on a budget and looking to get a throatier, rumbling exhaust, but I'm on a budget and don't want to invest more than $500. Any power gains would be fine, but are not a priority.

The only thing I've done is toss in a K&N air filter. Everything else is completely stock.

I'm probably going to grab the LNF budget tune for a bit more power, but for the purposes of this thread, I want to make my exhaust, deeper, throatier and manlier. I want to turn purr into a rumbling growl.

I really don't know much about cars, and nothing about modding. I don't mind paying for an install if needed.

Here's a random video I found on YT of a great-sounding exhaust, although he's removed his cat and I don't necessarily want my engine to backfire that much...

Oh, and I'd like to keep it legal in terms of emissions and noise.

Thanks so much for helping out a Solstice noob.
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I never heard of punching the guts out of the stock cat. has anyone else done that?

That no name cat back system on ebay sounds like a great deal? do you know if it's comparable to the solo mach shorty or what?

I listened to sound clips and thought the solo race was a bit too loud for my current taste and was saving up for the mach shorty. but that 494 ebay is sounding good right about now but I'd like to actually hear one first.
keep in mind that the solo has several versions:
Race - no muffler
Mach shorty - loudest muffler
mach - quietest ( probably what you are looking for )

I do think there are several guys out there with the magnaflow that like theirs. I haven't found a sound clip to compare though. I want the mach shorty or something close. maybe the magnaflow is just that. hopefully someone will confirm. solo has the mach shorty for $850 plus shipping and I do not think it's worth it. 500 sounds more like it to me. I have a couple welders so if I can get my hands on that magnaflow kit, I think I'll be good to go.
That would be awesome ghost. I'd like to hear it going down the road at about 5500 too. maybe a drive by as well.
Ya know, I was just looking at the solo and one of the things I like is that the solo kit is more of a true dual than the others. about half way back it splits into 2 and you have 2 inlets in the muffler. I think you'll get much better flow that way. I'm just gonna bite the bullet and go with the mach shorty I think. I'd still like to know about knocking the guts out of the stock cat though. would that make the stock exhaust louder? would the mod throw a code and if so, I wonder if a spark plug anti fouler would work?? I have a buddy with a dart SRT and he has a catless with one and says it works fine.
I don't think just changing out the cat will give you a deeper tone. this is the first time I've heard of punching out the guts on the cat and since they do sell a cat eliminator, I'd think think this would be a cheaper option. the anti plug fouler merely relocates the sensor giving it a false reading, passing emissions. they sell the same thing with a different name for a whole lot more. If you are looking for a louder exhaust and are trying to stay under 500, I'd go with the no name magnaflow. I was looking at it and it's a bolt on kit. The solo kit has to be welded. Here's the link for the solo hi flow cat: Pontiac GXP Performance Exhaust System | GXP Catalytic Converter 2007-2009 Pontiac GXP 2.0L Turbo | Performance Exhaust System

Wow Ghost, or should I say Super Freak, ha ha, that sounds way quieter than I would think it would. That's not bad at all. I really like the rumbling it makes too. damn, now I'm really not sure what I want. So you have a stock cat and the solo street race? did you notice any performance gains? And thanks a lot for taking the time to make the videos. that's awesome and greatly appreciated.
Edit from after hearing ghost sound clips: the solo street race may be the way to go for you.
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even more impressive ghost. I like it. My main concern for the exhaust is I don;t want it to sound like a motorcycle. you see a lot of the kids putting those pipes on the back and I just hate that sound. Plus I want it to be somewhat classy and not sound like a loud POS. I thought the street race would be like that but I have been proven wrong. I like it. now I feel the mach shorty may be too quiet.

as for the power, do you have a tune as well? I'm bone stock and I cannot break the tires loose withoug the clutch. they chirp and stutter in 1st and 2nd and almost spin but don't. I think with either a tune, hf cat or free flowing exhaust may give it the pep it needs. we do not have emission test in Texas either. as long as your CEL is not on and everything works, you will pass. I would imagine it would be easy to get the insides of the cat out but my main concern would be throwing a code. I hate lights on my dash. If I had one more person say they have done it with good results, I may be game. I'm looking to get an exhaust and tune by the end of the year. Maybe I'll try the street race by itself first and if I need more, then mess with the cat.
Thanks and keep jammin those 80's tunes:)
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I hear what you are saying Bill but on the same token, dualling it out will cut back on further restriction. I doubt Solo would do it that way it there wasn't something to gain.
well, I figured the whole difference in the race was that it was 3in.
back to 2 vs 1 and smallest opening: I understand all that. I was just saying that if by splitting it and reducing the restriction by half then the total output should be more than a single all the way out. But that's granted the single outlet muffler is restricting it more than the duals. But since we have a single muffler set-up then it probably doesn't make a difference.

Look here:

Street Race Kit
Front Pipe:
• 3” mandrel bent polished stainless steel.
• Laser cut stainless steel flange.
• Extra hanger included for support.
• Heavy duty double braided flex pipe is used.
• A very precise hand made flare is on the front pipe to alleviate having to reduce the pipe to 2 ½”.
• The front pipe mates to the stock 2 ½” catalytic converter or our full 3” free flow converter.

Mid Section:• The best transition stamped stainless steel Y pipe is used to take the system from a single 3” to a dual 2 ½”.
• The dual 2 ½ pipes used here are more flow that the single 3”.
Rear Section:
• There is no muffler in this kit.
• The tailpipes flow into a beautifully crafted beveled 4” angle cut full bodied stainless steel exhaust tips manufactured by Solo Performance.

• 27 HP increase, 10 extra foot pounds of torque increase.
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Oh my god I have never laughed so hard. I absolutely have to get me one. I saw an episode of pimp my ride where they had a similar device but it actually had a sub woofer that mounted outside so everyone could hear it and you could change the tone. If it weren't for the fact that this played thru the radio and had it's own speaker, it would really be tempting. Can't live without my Metallica or Sick Puppies though.

Good Post:)
Hey, I just thought the video was funny that's all. And forums are just like that so I wouldn't even worry about it. I'm sure it was just meant as a joke and believe me, there are a whole lot worse comments out there.

Thanks for the last 2 video's. the drive by was what I was looking for. the sound is awesome but I'm not sure about the decelleration rumble. I like it don't get me wrong but I can hear the wife complaining about it already. I think the mach shorty is very close to that but the muffler reduces the backfire. Thanks again ghost.
Then I think I need to revert back to my original post when I first got the GXP that I thought the boost was delayed. believe me, I've turned the traction off as well as held the button down and turned it all off and tried comp mode. if I'm in 1st gear and at a 5-10mph roll, if I stomp on it, it kinda hesitates and then takes off but it certainly does not light the tires up. once it gets to about 4k then it seems it really wants to go. now, if I'm making a turn at about 15 and hit it, then the tires will spin but not enough to be out of control. I was wondering what I should expect and it now seems it should be more. sorry to get off task here but I think the OP has been satisfied.
Yeah, the tires I have on the GXP are pretty soft. I bet if I put the ones from my 06 on them I can burn them up like crazy. Trust me, I know all about big cams with high durations. know it all too well. I also know that the LNF is not going to make instant power. I was just commenting on the posts the guys made about their accelleration compared to what I'm seeing. plus I've driven another GXP before and it had loads more torque and accelleration but I don't know if it had a tune or not.
First off Ghost, I wasn't trying to dis your ride. Nor was I comparing it to the kids in their accords with the big buzzer on the back.
For the power, OK, I thought you guys were not using the clutch at all. that's what had me worried. If I feather the clutch and let build up a few k RPM's, it takes off like a scaulded dog. it does have a bit of a dead spot right before it kicks in the afterburner so maybe I'm right on target. I need to check my IC for oil and condensation and make sure all my charge tubes are tight and give all that a good once over and then get a tune.

Your coffee thing reminds me of saturday. I had just opened a 16oz budlight at the light and one of our cops pulled up next to me in their SUV's so I couldn't put it in the cup holder as I had the top down. I was also jamming out a bit and when the light turned green I took off a bit too fast and about 4oz wound up in my lap.

Thanks Guys, Later.
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