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Michigan Kappa Club June Irish Hills Cruise – Sunday 6-28-2015 Noon-5 p.m.
Come Join the Kappa's on the June Irish Hills Cruise, hosted by the Doc’s (Radio and X-Ray).

A beautiful 115 mile ride from Grass Lake, MI to Northville, MI. Lots of hills and twisties with winding, tree-lined roads.
Ride will proceed rain or shine, top up or top down.
The ride will be of the parade/caravan type. Turn-by-turn directions will be provided. Two scheduled 10 minute breaks will be at the 45 and 85 mile points of the ride.

The ride will conclude at the Rusty Bucket restaurant in Northville, MI about 4:00 p.m. Names will be drawn at dinner for prizes. 15400 Sheldon Road, Northville, MI 48168 734-254-9699.
Menu on website: My Rusty Bucket (Put in the 48168 zip code for the Northville restaurant menu)

If any non-MKC members wish to join the ride, please E-mail Jim at [email protected] to ensure restaurant accommodations, door prizes and enough written materials.

1. Arrive BEFORE Noon, with a FULL tank, and an EMPTY bladder.
2. Use your turn signal so everyone in the caravan can anticipate the turns.
3. Stay in close proximity to the car ahead, so no one gets separated from the group.
4. Two-way radios will be used. About ten loaner radios are available for use by those who need one.
5. The speed limit will be observed (and occasionally adhered to, particularly in town or congested/residential areas.)
6. Collector points will follow any instances where we may momentarily become separated.
7. Solo drivers are invited to drive mid-pack, so as to be less dependent on written directions.
8. A Waiver of Liability will be available for your signature prior to receiving your "Directions Packet".
9. Organizer Cell numbers for any concerns prior to or during the ride: Jim-734.612.5400 Carter-248.231.1031
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