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Always been a big fan of the guitar - never could play worth a lick. From Roy Clark up to John Petrucci - the genre doesn't matter as much as the skill and expression. I was referred to Jason Becker several years ago by a friend but never checked into his music or story.

In the late '80's he was considered a very significant up and coming guitarist in the "shredder" world. He landed the gig as lead guitarist with David Lee Roth's band after Steve Vai left. While recording an album with DLR, he was diagnosed with ALS and within months was in a wheel chair.

If you're not familiar with the disease, those afflicted generally pass within 3-5 years. Jason is close to 30 years past his original diagnosis. While he cannot speak, move, or even breath on his own, he is still able to compose.

The following link is a bit of his story.

Recently I became aware of Jason releasing a new CD and I found a few videos of the new stuff on line. I played "Valley of Fire" for my wife and, while she's not a fan of metal guitar, she was in tears halfway through it and said "We should buy this for each other for Christmas!" So we did.

And we bought 7 additional copies for friends and family.

Here's the title "cut".

If you like it and are interested, it would be cool if you bought a copy.
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