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2008 GXP

Pax Mods: (ASP)
Trifecta Tune
DDM Intake
DDM Clutch Kit

Other Mods:
RPM Rollbar (for track days)
Passenger Seat Delete
Hawk HP+ Pads Front and Rear
DDM A-Pillar Gauge Mount with dual Aeroforce Scan Gauges

Tire: RE-71R for AutoX and Michelin Super Sport for track days
Wheels: Stock

Waiting Install:
-DDM "Race" Backbone
-DDM Venom Front Brace
-Z0K Rear Cross-member
-Z0K Rear Sway-bar

Went from P44 to P11 (raw time, no PAX) just by upgrading to RE-71R tires. I'm not even close to catching the guys up front, but this is a pay to play sport afterall. I could de-tune and run in A-Street, but that would require going back to the stock flywheel. Coronavirus has all of the local events canceled for the foreseeable future, so I'll be doing suspension upgrades during the downtime. I hope these additional mods net me a top 10.


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Having won my local AStreet championship last year against Vettes and Porsches, I will say the biggest help will be the rear brace and rear bar. Lighter than stock wheels will always make a difference in every way. I would also suggest no more than 2.5 neg camber up front. The car gets TOO low and some loss of braking at 3 deg neg. (I am on GXP Z0K springs...with the rears impossible to find right now)

Good luck and have fun!
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