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My totaled coupe #135 showed up on Ebay..

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I wrecked the car it July08 when a telephone pole jumped in front of me. Ripped the front suspension out. Insurance totaled the car. Seller is being honest about it , interest in seeing what it goes for. I paid 18K for it in Jan 2012. I still have the key fobs and soft top. Might go take a peek at it.

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$14850, 14 bids, 1 day left.....

$15,100, 6 hrs left now 10-20-13 2pm MT.
I only paid 18K for it. Was going to bid on it to get it back but over my limit
I know I'm surprised where it's at, and would not doubt if it crept closer to $16k. If buyers don't know about this site or how to search on this car they may not have seen your actual wreck photos, because the seller only describes what he fixed/replaced. Pics are worth a 1k words. To the sellers credit though, it appears he did an outstanding job making it right again, and he is in no way putting something out there that isn't true and trying to take advantage (it appears, I don't think I could bid on the car w/o trip out to actually drive this one given the damage).

As I recall at one time in wrecked condition the car was going for around $4k. So then if you put $8k or so into the fix....
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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