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My totaled coupe #135 showed up on Ebay..

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I wrecked the car it July08 when a telephone pole jumped in front of me. Ripped the front suspension out. Insurance totaled the car. Seller is being honest about it , interest in seeing what it goes for. I paid 18K for it in Jan 2012. I still have the key fobs and soft top. Might go take a peek at it.

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You all need to remember is a rebuild title.
Check with your insurance company before you purchase something they will NOT insure.
Just because the State grants you a Salvage Title, it does not mean the insurance company will insurer it.
If some do you better be aware of what is in the coverage.
All I am saying, is do some homework before you get into it.
Also just because he claims x plus years of repairing experience, does not guaranty how it will fair on the road or another accident.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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