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Here are some registration counts as of the Monday before NASSM 2013:

114 Vehicles Registered, 82 couples and 32 singles (196 total people)
175 People Attending Optional Off-site Dinner Event on Friday
49 Entries in the Saturday Morning Car Show
16 Entries in the Friday Night Lighted Car Show
98 Vehicles going on 16 Pre-Event Rides/Caravans Mon-Thu
69 Vehicles going on six different night runs (>8PM)
86 Vehicles going on 12 different runs on Friday
59 Vehicles going on six afternoon runs on Saturday after the car show

If anyone wants to follow what is going on from home, below are the "official" social media links that we will be using for the event:

Photos at Flickr - wwww.flickr.com/groups/nassm

Locations at Glympse - !nassm : Glympse

Facebook Updates - www.facebook.com/groups/gmroadster/

Tweets - www.twitter.com/search/realtime?q=#skysol

Website: Home

Can someone post this info at the SolsticeForum? DONE!!

Enjoy the events guys and stay safe!! Wish I could be there! :(
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