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Hey guys,

I want you all to know that I've been a Ford Mustang guy for 8 years.....that was until I test drove and bought a 2008 GXP T2!!! Let me just say....rocket ship! Got a few questions:

1) When the car is cold, the engine is extremely noisey...almost like rocks rattling around, until you gas is and kick the idle down, is this normal?

2) How many white T2's were built in 2008?

3) I have "aftermarket" stuff but don't know what. I know I have a cold air intake, Borla exhaust (I think its 4") and an aftermarket waste-gate. I get the swishing sound when I get off the gas. I don't know however if the GMPP has been done to it....I'm assuming it has as like I said, it's a little ROCKET!!! (If it has been done, I'm figuring I'm somewhere around 300-310hp!) How can I tell if it has been done?

4) Do I need to let the motor run for a minute when its cold before I go and do I need to "cool it down" after its been under load to let the turbo cool down? I had a Plymouth Laser back in the day and I had to do that with that turbo car.....

5) Are there anymore mods I can do and still stay under warranty?

I will be here a lot from now on!! I want knowledge! LOL.... I will post pics tomorrow of it! Thanks for any help.
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