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New Old News on the Delay Pontiac Solstice Delayed til Equinox
April 27, 2005
The topless hot-rod General Motors hoped would attract car buyers to sleepy Pontiac dealerships will miss most of the summer driving season.
Orders for the two-seater number 5,000 to 6,000, but most of the new Solstices won't arrive until after Sept. 1, according to a Pontiac spokesperson. A few of the vehicles may be available in the summer but the vast majority will not missing the peak of the sports car driving season.
The blunder is another misstep by GM management that has presided over a steady decline in company market share.
Most of the Solstice development was computer driven. GM tested ride and handling by computer simulation. The heavy reliance on computer simulation to design and build the sports car is not generating this delay however. Fit and finish problems related to elementary engineering have apparently created problems with the front fascia and convertible top.
Pontiac will not comment of the quality issues.
Pontiac dealers are frustrated because the hype generated by GM's marketing and advertising campaign. The dealers are now left to make the excuses for Pontiac's inability to deliver the Solstice as promised.
Nevertheless, if early orders are an indication, the Solstice, a favorite of GM Vice Chairman Robert Lutz, is still going to be a winner when the car is finally delivered.

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Interesting story. It's just like one I read today IN A MAGAZINE!
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