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New Solstice Cutaways???

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There are what look like new cutaway shots of the Solstice on the Canadian Web site. I apologize if we have seen these before, but I think they are different from the ones posted on here earlier. There is a cutaway of a red Solstice (fuel tank), and some close-ups of the side, engine and shocks...Really close.


Can anyone copy and post the pics? I had a hard time trying to, so I can only offer the link for now.

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Looks like the red cutway we have seen before. It should be in our gallery as well.
Done (in Gallery)
Done (in Gallery)

Maybe someone will notice something different or interesting.
Actually they are already in the Gallery under Mechanical
Thanks...I just saw that. I had problems getting into certain parts of the Web site because of my computers cache issues. I know see them already there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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