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Just left a different dealer in Wisconsin. I ordered mine on 4/15 and haven't heard anyting yet.

Stopped at different dealer that I heard had Solstices available. They had #619 in showroom and had just sold it at sticker $25,000.00 exactly?

They showed me the window sticker of #1017(XX) I think I remeber the last 2.

It is scheduled to be there by the end of the month. It is cool (kight silver) with ebony (non leather package). It has all options as the above, which is mostly everything except the leather interior package.

The manager told me that he was playing with the allocation and when the made the change of non-leather it accepted it.

He said he has a list of about 12 that want calls when it comes in so they can see and drive it. People in Wisconsin are conversative and stupid most of the time.

Bottom line ---- first $1,000 down, it is available at sticker price, $24,400+. They have a $95 dealer processing fee but nothing else.

if anyone want info let me know. my email is [email protected]

If someone really wants one it up for grabs. I will talked to my dealer tomorrow, but I think I will wait for my deep/black leather anyway, i've waited this long.
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