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Now a Squeak at off throttle

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lately and I think maybe it's since I removed the door sills and trim pieces due to amp install I can hear it, whenever I accellerate and then let off the gas, I'm getting a squeak from the front of the car. it only does it when I'm driving and it's not the spew from the wastegate. almost like butterfly on the t-body is doing it but it's the same whether it's WOT or just a little blip. I ruled out clutch related as you can gas it does it the instant you let off. However, it does not do it when the car is stopped, only in motion. any ideas?
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Update, it only does it at lower speeds. 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. or if I pedal it in 3rd at low speeds. the sound comes pretty much at the same time as the waste gate dumps. what could it be?
I thought of that and figured I'd drive at various speeds and tap the brake to mimic the dive from de-acceleration but no such luck. at any rate, I'm off tomorrow and am going to see if I can get some grease in the bushings and hope it cures both my problems. Other than the TB flap, there's really no other moving parts that would make that sound so I'm hoping it's suspension related. Thanks.
well, yesterday was a wasted day. sat on the couch and watched TV till about 3PM and then spent the next few hours going to the store and frying chicken. drove it some more and paid attention to the squeak and it is not the bushings. I sprayed some cleaner via the air hose on the exit charge pipe trying to get my slow return to idle to stop and maybe it has something to do with that. heard a few more body creeks today as the air is cold and dry. will give it a lube bath this weekend and see where it stands.
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