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I am a traditional guy used to individual gauges, and not really a fan of the DIC, which deprives us of the ability to watch several parameters at once, unless you fit after market gauge packages to do so.

Having been through the over heating issues (and cured it with the non-return valves in the heater lines) I settled on leaving my DIC set to coolant temp (I suspect that many/most new owners start out watching boost pressures on the GXP when they should be watching the road).

I came across a product on one of the old British car racing sites I follow. When you are racing, your attention is very focused on what is going on around you and you only have time to glance at a gauge maybe once or twice a lap. That means that you can over heat or lose oil pressure (the lack of an oil pressure feature in the Solstice is unforgivable, IMO) before you notice it.

For that reason, various alerts exist, and here is the latest that a fellow racer mentioned:

ENGINE WATCHDOG TM2, Engine Temperature Sensor and Low Coolant Alarm

It gives an audible alarm (as well as a visual one, if you locate it in a visible location on the dash, but the audible one alone would allow under dash mounting out of sight).

Thought this might have some interest for Kappa owners. especially the ones that set their DICs on boost all the time.
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