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Well, I have the Service ESC / ESC Off warning, I was at a busy intersection with a bunch of morons not respecting traffic lights that kept blocking the intersection, so when I had a small window I decided to floor it and slide tru a gap before this morons could block it again so I quickly tapped the button twice to activate competitive mode and went full throttle sliding tru the gap. right after that awesome stunt the warning came on u___u what did I broke? lol

I just had it checked with the scanner:

* P0107 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Low Input

Well, I think I have two separate problems, or maybe they are related, please advise.

A friend of mine erased the code yesterday, we gave it a few restarts and the warnings went away. this morning the SERVICE ESC / SERVICE TRACTION / ESC OFF came on again, but the check engine light hasn't show up again so I guess hopefully that goes away by itself.

What could this be?
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