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So, I had a rat crawl up on top of the fuel tank and tried to build a nest over the winter.
When I started the car in the spring, I had the check engine light on. I pulled the code P0449 which is vent circuit problem.
Thanks to this forum I found out there is an inspection cover under the carpet in the trunk. I removed it and found the area packed with leaves and grass. I also found the wires to the vent solenoid chewed through (see picture) This explained the code so I disconnected the battery and soldered in a piece of wire to repair the rat damage. And then reconnected the battery.
But when I started the car, the CEL was still on so I pulled the code again and it came back with P0449. I erased it but it kept coming back.
I searched multiple forums looking for an answer and in a Cobalt forum someone mentioned an emissions fuse. So I look in the fuse box and #64 is a “Can Vent” fuse. I test it and it’s blown
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. I replace it (10 amp), erase the code and the light doesn’t come on. It’s fixed!!!
I am theorizing that the rat must have gotten a shock from chewing the wire and left without completing the nest!
Pictures of the fuse box cover and fuse location attached.
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Good fix, and a good possible problem area to keep in mind for those who store their cars each year.

Moth balls come to mind as a preventative.
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