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Well did need converter put on Magnaflow free flow. Nice. He did smoke test says no leaks. And he ran it 2 times with diagnostic and said everything is fine. We don't know what the P0455 is did change gas cap. And now have both my purge flow passesing now before only 1 purge flow passed. He checked control level. Also pass. He said could not find a thing wrong with my evap system. Maybe will stay off now. Since this time both purge flow working now. And replace gas cap before i run. Only have 1 sensor not tested
EVAP Monitor (0.020”), Manufacturer Defined Test ID range — This parameter is an identifier for the test performed within the On-Board Diagnostic Monitor., ,― Status: Test not complete MID: 3C TID: 80 MIN: - VAL: - MAX
How long does that take to set or is there a certain way to reset that one? That why my evap code not on now. Can it turn on once this resets? And anyone know what problem would be? Did all the checks.
Going to cost me a fortune to figure out. More tools and more time and time is costly part. I can get parts cheap. Ok so now you know everything any ideas? Fixed the P0420 knew that was cat. Even though he checked to see if it was cat or not knew it was. I was clearing codes myself and p0420 was there and throwing that code almost everything was done. Got new cat for $581 Magnaflow high flow. And $200 to take one off and put back on maybe 3 hours 360. Had to get gaskets from dealer. $60 and my side turn signals where out. Oh had heat shild put in and turn signal switch. 1 Smoke test. And 1 diagnosis and 2 more when done and checked check valve. $720. That was 6 hours in labor. It was all the checking the ENGINE that cost so much. Cat ran 3 hours to take of and put on. Smoke these 100 prob and heat shield and turn signal switch in. But I will be damned he said if light comes on he siad he will look at it again. Prob not for free. I rather just drive with the light on if not hurting anything. Need to make bank again before i can get car worked on again.
Before the purge flow did not pass it is passing now. So maybe was hose or something they fixed. Told them check the valve. I really think the light will stay off now. I park the car 97% of the time. Maybe gas escaping while it sits. Maybe need to take it for a real long ride.
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