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Hey all, I am looking to set up a tuning trip. If you guys missed out on the tunes at the Ohio meet, or if you have been planning on getting a tune for a while, but are unsure of who to get a tune from, this is the chance! I plan on heading out East, somewhere, and lining up some tunes soon. I will be charging $250 for the street tunes, depending on interest and would love to get some lined up! Post here, or PM me with any interest.

Right now i have interest in Cincinnati, and Tennessee, and I am willing to travel within reasonable distances from there. If you are interested, post up here and lemme know where you are, and we will work something out! If you know anyone else that wants a tune, please, tell them about this. the more interest there is, the better chance I will make it out! If you are somewhere else, definitely let me know, and hopefully we can work something out so I can make it your way!

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