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Just a heads up to the vert crowd. Several years ago STVZ CARZ created a personalized sticker for his coupe. For example see pic link in post #1:

I asked he he could make me a personalized coupe sticker and he said yes and (#480 of 1266). Since then several coupe owners have asked me where I'd gotten it but it had been so long that I'd forgotten who made it for me. Recently discovered it was forum member STVZ CARZ, he also made me a couple different sizes of the GXP w/checked flag vinyl stickers. The small set I used on the rim of each wheel, the larger set I placed above the front fender indent and Pontiac emblem.

I just emailed him asking if he could also offer personalized vert stickers and he said yes. Below the vert graphic you could have it personalized to say;
  1. 1st 1000 #482
  2. 2007 GXP Turbo
  3. 2008 #642 REDLINE
Stick them anywhere you'd like; front windshield, rear window, engine compartment, around side indent, basically anywhere or anything you want to highlight, plus the graphic is available in custom sizes and different vinyl colors.

And nope I'm not making any money, just letting folks know who have inquired about who made the various custom vinyl stickers on the car.

If interested please PM forum member STVZ CARZ for information.
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