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Pioneer P3300BT Touchscreen question

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ok, this isn't Solstice-specific. In fact, this is a long shot... but the interwebs are being particularly useless and I could use some advice, please...?

A little while back i installed the P3300BT head unit in my '07 NA.
at this point, the screen's capacitive film had begun to peel a bit at a couple of common touch points (Source selector, for instance).

I recently left the top down and it rained. This has accelerated the peel to the point that I have lost all touch-screen capabilities. As far as I can tell via the physical buttons, the unit is fine... but the capacitive film is totally destroyed.

i have attempted to apply an after-market tablet screen protector, unfortunately this did not work (as it is just passing along whatever function already exists... which is none).

I have found an eBay service which offers to replace the touch screen for about a 5th of the total unit price...
Pioneer AVH P2300DVD AVH P3300BT Touch Screen Touch Panel Repair Service 884938123341 | eBay

ive also found a few places I can pick up replacement capacitive film, but i have no idea what my compatibility concerns are;

...im really conflicted here. I just dont know enough about the tech involved, any possible DIY solutions, etc...

Has anyone else had a similar issue or know a bit of the subject and could advise? I appreciate your interest in advance...

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