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So I got around to installing my PAL kit that I bought last year. Thanks to the excellent threads on removing the boomerang, everything went in smoothly and the PAL works...sort of.

I can get music to play from my iPhone and control it using the steering wheel buttons, but there is no sound from the right door speaker, and a low, continuous hiss from the speakers that make the door chimes. The problem persists even when I switch to FM or the CD player.

As an experiment, I disconnected the PAL module keeping the harness plugged in between the radio and the car, and the problems remained. Then I removed the harness, and everything went back to normal.

This makes me suspect that I have a bad harness. Has anyone else here run into something like this? Also, this is a long shot but if anyone has a spare harness/PAL kit lying around, I'll gladly buy it from you. Thanks!
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