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Poll Test - a quickie "how to"

Polls are as easy as starting a thread - just a tiny bit more work.

Have an idea of your poll choices handy before you start.

Keep in mind you have only 10 choices.

Just go to the correct sub forum (dont' forget you can hone your posting skills in "Test Forums") and click on "new thread".

Type in your title,
your post (the first posted message in the thread, usually describing your poll and other asundry details),
then scroll down and check "Yes, post a poll with this thread"
and type in the number of poll choices.

Then "submit thread".

The next page that comes up allows you to type in the info for the poll choices.

Most of the time, you don't need to do much else - leave the poll date blank and it will peter out when the thread peters out.

Scroll down, make sure your settings are correct (do you want the results public? do you want to allow multiple choice?)

That's it. Just click "submit new poll".

Don't forget you can test your skills in the "Test Forum" first.
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