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Another busy time with all the new production scheduling posts. Perhaps time to put out some info.

Production Start
It appears from the scheduling posts I have been reading that Pontiac will now be starting the 1000 First 1000 Exclusive Retail Order Solstices the week of July 18th. While the 2006 production schedule document has not been updated since April 7th. A start date later then May 31st would go along with recent press reports and Lori Queen's blog posts. Dealers are due their next Solstice infomation update next week. GM takes a two week shut down in the summer, so July 18th would be their back to work date.

Production "Date"
The info you are getting from your dealers is being misunderstood as far as production date. I have seen posts saying "my car will be built July 18th". Actually what GM does is assign a "Target Production Week" or "TPW" . The two key words are: "Target" and "Week" . "Target" is just what it sounds like, as is "Week' . A TPW of July 18th would include July 18-19-20-21-22. So you can loose a week of time just waiting for production to happen.

It can be form 1 to several days before an order is shipped from a plant. We can expect the Solstice will be checked over well before they finally ship. So it may even take longer then GM's currently produced cars.

In Transit
Right now there is no shipping experience for us to base estimates of Solstice delivery time. Several weeks ago, I threw out a question to see if there where any Saturn dealers on the site that could give us a feel for the "L"-series shipping time. Do not recall any answers. For example the last 3 Grand Prixs shipped to us from Oshawa Ontario Canada, were expected to take 9 days to get here. They took as long as 18 days as short as 13 days. A Vibe coming across country is an expected 20 days. The GM system dosen't think of a car as late until it is 10 days overdue.

Expected Arrival Date
When the GM system assigns a TPW it will also so on some of the reports an Expected Arrival Date this is a supposed to be based on preprogramed time estimates for the various steps and adjusted based on reality. As stated above there isn't much reality at the moment, so don't be concerned with this date.

Expiration of Transit Time
This is an important date. This expected date will be on the vehicle invoice the dealer will get after the car is built. This is much more reliable then the Expected Arrival Date because it is the date the dealer will start paying floor plan interest on the car. Again this date will not be available until after the car is built and after it is invoiced (billed) to the dealer.

Hope everyone will keep these things in mind as the dates start flying fast and furious from your dealers.
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