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2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP
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Hey guys

Over the winter, I will be heavily modifying the Solstice GXP. During that time, We will be documenting the process and making an informative and entertaining youtube series about it. It will be similar to the way mighty car mods does it just not Australian (not a bad thing but we aren't Australian). A Gofundme page has been opened up for anyone that would like to donate to the show for mods. Everything else as far as editing software, recording hardware like cameras and such I already have or will be supplying on my own. Donations will not go unrecognized, I would obviously credit anyone who is generous enough to donate copiously through the videos and if they would like, placing names on parts and such. Either way, I encourage you to check out the youtube channel when it starts on December 5th. Any ideas for mods or DIY projects would be helpful as well. People have asked for a list of things that will be done however I wouldn't want to give that out, it may spoil the series but just know there will be some pretty good stuff getting done this winter.

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