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I have not seen this application on the BB, so thought I'd pass it along. I also have a 2009 G8/GT from which I removed the original antenna. This is what I used on my Solstice GXP. The two mounts are different so it required an adaptor which I made. Both use a 25mm threaded connection in the antenna base, but one is male (G8) and the other is female (GXP). I used two 25mm threaded hex nuts that I brazed together that gave me the two female ends I needed to screw it onto the GXP base and screw the G8 antenna into it . I covered the adaptor with a thin-wall black plastic tubing I had laying around which provided the water shield and appearance of a factory installation.
The G8 antenna is 8.25 inches tall including the adaptor and looks very nice on the GXP. The other plus is that the GXP is still all Pontiac!

If anyone is interested in a picture just send me a PM with your email address and I'll forward a pic to you since I can't post on the forum.

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