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Last May we upgraded our 2007 Base with the DDM Stage II Supercharger.
I had a shop in New Haven, CT do the install and provide a custom tune.
Unfortunately it is an automatic, so other than timing not much else could be done as HP tuners could not unlock the tranny and adjust the shift points.
The first gear seems useless and I'm not even sure if fifth is even an overdrive.

Put nearly 13,000 miles on the car last summer after install:)

Anyway, early October the car started going into transmission protect or Limp mode most times you spun the 2.4 past 4,000 rpm.

Pulled the car out storage and of course the condition still existed. I had hoped grounding the car would make it behave.

Researched the forum and performed the following:
1) Cleaned the MAF sensor - no change
2) Pulled the NGK plugs, regapped to .035 - no change (some carbon build up)
3) Installed new NGk plugs, gapped to .034 - .035 - no change
4) Replaced cam actuators, intake and exhaust - problem solved.

Intake -part number 12655420
Exhaust - part number 12655421

I suspect it was the exhaust, as the screens had crud built up on them.

Now its running smoother, idles better and the misfire is gone.

I've also replaced the driver door handle and the car went back to the installer for a failed supercharger belt tensioner.

It seems alot of members don't go back and update their threads and identify what the solutions to the problems they experienced were. However I found a lot of helpful posts and threads by the "old timers" as it were and I thank you all for that.

We purchased this car March 2008 as a 07 left over, the wife wanted black with tan top and this option was discontinued for 2008.

Not our preferred combination (GXP) but we're making it work. I do however want the stage III upgrade but with not being able to adjust the shift points it seems pointless to add more power.

Anybody, got a spare set (4) chrome 18" rims they would part with? I had to replace one for curb rash because the wife wouldn't drive it unless it was pretty and the cost was not pretty either:devil:
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