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Chip, you requested an owner review of the 350Z in a new thread where people can rate their former rides. Here is my review. I owned it for a little over two years and was one of the 6,000 or so people that pre-ordered the first set of cars produced (mine was # 1477). Here is my pro-con list after two years of ownership:


Plenty of power (0-60 in 5.4 seconds).

Excellent brakes (the model I had came standard with Brembos)

Good handling, but I would rate it below that of an E36 series M3.

Comfortable and supportive seats.

Steering feel was very good and nicely weighted.

Transmission shifted well with nice short throws. Ratios were nicely spaced.


Paint quality.

Shocks and springs did not seem to be properly matched, causing a rocking horse like ride at times. Nissan changed the suspension mid-way through the second model year.

A little heavy for a sports car (close to 3,300 lbs).


There were elements of the styling that I really liked, but I felt that the beltline was a little too high. I would have preferred a slimmer design.

The exhaust tone could have been better. It was a little too smooth and could have had a little lower pitch.


This was the first car I owned that was purely a weekend vehicle. After two years of ownership, I decided that if I was going to have a pleasure use only vehicle, it had to be a roadster. I ruled out the 350Z roadster since I don’t think the styling of that car works well as drop top, and I was looking for something lighter in weight.

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tcl; Thanks for your review! Can you go into detail on the paint issues? Did you experience weird tire wear on your Z?

JB; What about your 2001 Z-06? Anyone else?

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Chip said:
tcl; Thanks for your review! Can you go into detail on the paint issues? Did you experience weird tire wear on your Z?
The paint issue was the worst case of orange peel I've ever seen on any vehicle. Regarding the tires, Nissan replaced the fronts for free at about 6,000 miles due to a factory alignment problem. They came out with a revised alignment procedure to deal with it.

I was reading the Tire Rack reviews of the same tire and a number of people developed noise issues after about 5,000 miles on cars other than the 350Z. I think the problem was a combination of bad alignment and a tire that was prone to get noisy after a small amount of use.

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Great insight on your car! Congratulations on having such a good time ...

Thats what great about the wide variety of fine sports cars available to us as enthusiasts...

As far as my personal ride....?

I dig this present car..

The stock Z06 is a such a blast.

Handling, acceleration and braking are unbelievable...The car is always ready to pounce....Its a sharp looking car as far as I see it and the only reason I ran a few mods on the car was for a few laughs...

First I did an air intake...It gave some good breathing improvements..then I did the Hurst short throw shifter...then threw on a set of long tube headers/x pipe and high flow cats...

From there I threw in a new ported and polished throttle body as well as 2004 Z06 shocks which smoothed the car to the point where the car was a lot more relaxed and handled even better because it allowed the tires to stay in better contact with the road especially during mid corner bumps...

Much better! and at the same time I installed 3.73 rear gears and hardened output shafts...Again a great mod..

Last but not least....I threw in a new cam..which was as radical as I could find that still passes the emission sniffer test. With that I had a 25% reduction pully installed and dual valve springs to handle the new higher lift cam shaft..

Hindsights 20/20 so if you were to ask me what I would have done differently....? I would without a doubt have purchased stainless steel headers vs the mild steel...

There were no stainless steel headers out when I purchased my set that were even close in price if at all...

The mild steel bellhousing "I" bracket has broken on both passenger and drivers side..(design defect as recently stated according to manufacturer of header) that was causing my L trims to go out of wack..

Just got them welded back up and now the cars a blast yet again..Wanna play got a pay (sometimes) so if your ever planning headers for your solstice....pay the few extra dollars if the products even available and get STAINLESS STEEL HEADERS!

I'm planning on getting more years out of these MILD STEEL HEADERS for a total of 5 years for the 2,000 dollar cost and then go to a set of LG Motorsport Long tube headers made out of stainless steel...(now available at an additional 2 grand)

And then the cars done unless I decide to have zeroshift installed at a cost of over 10 grand..I'm not sure I'll dump that much into the car but who knows what 2006 will bring...

I'm on the list for zeroshift but now I'm having second thoughts about spending that much..(sad but true) so that means I'm likely to just enjoy the second 30,000 miles on this toy I own..

Great car....tons of fun...fast as hell...solidly built...fantastic handling...with just enough mods to keep the excitment growing...

465 flywheel hp...440flywheel lb/ft of torque..all wrapped up in 3100 lbs of stunningly styled composite body panels and hydroformed frame rails..

I dig the C6 but not enough to make me sell this existing hot rodded Corvette Z06..

Hope this insight gave you guys a few laughs...

I really like the car...

I almost forgot....a great mod I had installed was the HUD......Its really a great way to keep your eyes on the road and know where the rpms and mph your at...

I strongly recommend the HUD for any sports car..as it lets you track and progress through the apex's...

For the most part....staying within 20-25% of the original cars hp and torque levels has always been a target of mine..Keeps the car somewhat within the original designers reliability goals..(JMO)

Not a bad number to consider if you buy a solstice and decide to mod it...

So figure if the stock Solstice comes in at 180 hp then safely up it an additional 50 hp without drivetrain reliability concerns...

Same goes for the 240hp supercharged or turbocharged version due out in a year...I'd guess an additional 60 hp or an even 300 hp at the flywheel should be a safe number for one hell of a sports car...
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