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Here we go, again. For those who've been, you know why we do this one. For those who haven't, come find out. Arkansas has some of the best twisties I've driven. We hit the Ozarks before the leafs turn so we have a lot of miles of great roads with little traffic.

SolNut started a FB event, too. https://www.facebook.com/events/170457053107554/

WHEN: Thursday-Sunday, October 17-20
WHERE: Russelville, Arkansas
HOTEL OPTIONS: I'll call and try to get something lower for Fairfield where I just booked online. We tend to split up based on points and other discounts.

Solstice rates at Fairfield Inn $99 and Hampton $95. Lot of hotels close together if you want to use points/discounts.

Fairfield Inn, 120 East Harrell Drive, Russellville, AR 72802, (479) 967-9030
Hampton, 2304 N Arkansas Ave, Russellville, AR 72802, 1-479-858-7199
LaQuinta, 111 East Harrell Drive, Russellville, AR 72802, (479) 967-2299
Super 8, 2404 N. Arkansas Ave., P.O. Box 2436, Russellville, AR 72802 , (479) 968-8898

Radios: bring 'em.
Octane boost: if you need 93 bring it. Gas stop options are limited and not all have 93.

DFW Departures: (early birds Thursday, latecomers Friday)
Thursday, Oct 17 or Friday, Oct 18: Depart from McKinney IHOP at 9:00 AM
Dinner at Dixie Cafe, 6:00 PM

Friday Mountains Cruise: 8:30 AM Briefing at Fairfield Lobby, Depart when ready. Stage at Dixie Cafe: maybe two groups if numbers warrant this year.
Hwy 7, 123, 103, 215, 23, Mt. Magazine, Mt Nebo We'll reverse course to hit the mountains at the end of the run when it's a little warmer and give us a new look at the roads from the other direction.
235 miles: http://goo.gl/maps/fSDEj
Lunch: Wiederkehr Wine Cellars, Inc.
Dinner: Ruby Tuesday, 6:00 PM

Saturday Run/Cruise, 318 miles: 8:30 AM Briefing at Fairfield Lobby, Depart when ready. Stage at the Dixie Cafe: Run and Cruise Groups.
318 miles: http://goo.gl/maps/6fsvW
Lunch: Marshall Subway/McDonalds
Dinner: Ruby Tuesday Deja vu, 6:00 PM

Thursday DFW McKinney IHOP: JR/KR, JBD, TerryT
Friday DFW McKinney IHOP: ??

Razorback Run: Days, Run/Cruise, Lead/Sweep
JR/KR (Fri, Sat, Run Lead)
SolNut/Sherry (Fri, Sat, Run Sweep)
Derf (Fri, Sat, Run?)
Jack/Deena (Fri, Sat, Cruise)
Mike O/Linda (Fri, Sat, ?)
JBD (Fri, Sat, Run)
TerryT (Fri, Sat, Run)
1KULSOL (Fri, Sat, Cruise)
tommyO/Carmen (Sat, Run)
shreve1 (Fri, Sat, Run)

Stuck/Lynne (How's that PPP mod coming?)

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I will shoot for Friday Saturday and Sunday. I will bring the donuts. Now taking orders.

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Hahaha I bring 2 dozen.
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