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Thanks for the advice from many of you on this forum regarding the right way to purchase this car. After calling several dealers in my area (NY/CT) I found that they are all working this car from different angles. Most are greedy, asking for a deposit of more that $5,000. Others are not taking orders and trying to sell their inventory at a premium. (There is one dealer trying to sell a base care for more than $30,000).
Does anyone have any information regarding a reputable dealer in the NY/CT area? I'm ready to place my order.


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update to Andrew: That Solstice in the link I gave you

They are asking $26,950 for the Pure, plus TT&L, which is $2,670 over MSRP.

If anyone actually goes there and buys it from Nicholas (215-355-1400 ext 131) and mentions that I (Norman Rosenblatt) sent you, they will give me a $100 bird dog fee. I will give that $100 to the buyer. But you should negotiate on the price to get some of that premium reduced, then you get the bird dog fee too. It's not at the dealer yet, but soon, very soon.

The Mysterious one they have on the floor is also $26,950, it has about 600 miles on it, and NO AIR CONDITIONING. I think this is the one we've heard about on other threads. VIN 100683, with XM, Power, Premium, Convenience, and CD. Does not say anything about 6 CD, nor ABS, LSD, monsoon, or mats. This is WAY over MSRP, but I'm sure they're just trying to get some kind of offer.

Here are the options on the Pure:
Base price $19420
Floormats $60
A/C $960
LSD $195
ABS $400
Premium $690
Monsoon $395
6 CD w/MP3 $495
Power $625
Convenience $465
Destination $575
Sub-Total $24280
Premium $2670
Total $26950 plus TT&L

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