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Rear end leak after TSB

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I had the TSB done on my rear end (rim shot....just for you chicken!) this last summer and it's leaking again. I have a spot on the garage floor that is 4"x4" and its all over the undercarraige. Should I be concerned? I've noticed the rear end has felt a little odd lately...almost like it's shifting front to back when I accelerate. The fluid is coming out of the vent tube. In it's defense, I drove on freeway, and put it in the garage. It's been very cold here. Should I take it in and pay them $100 to diag?
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Seeing as how this is only from a month or so back, I'm curious how you made out with the leak?

I have had both the fluild changed with the additive and the vent tube extended, and it still leaks. (I'm getting ready to check the fluid to see if they overfilled mine).
Axle seals are also known to leak.
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