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Rear end leak after TSB

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I had the TSB done on my rear end (rim shot....just for you chicken!) this last summer and it's leaking again. I have a spot on the garage floor that is 4"x4" and its all over the undercarraige. Should I be concerned? I've noticed the rear end has felt a little odd lately...almost like it's shifting front to back when I accelerate. The fluid is coming out of the vent tube. In it's defense, I drove on freeway, and put it in the garage. It's been very cold here. Should I take it in and pay them $100 to diag?
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I'm going to guess that all of the fluid has leaked out at this point. I had an hour drive on the freeway on Wednesday and didn't look at it until yesterday. I drove the car yesterday for 20 minutes with no leak. How will I know if I have no fluid left in the rear end? The whole undercarriage is soaked with fluid above and behind the drain tube. Will I hear something different? Will I feel something?
You could have a lockup of the rear end while driving, if you think it is empty, do not drive it.

I doubt it is completely empty, but if the leak is as bad as you describe, you should have it looked at ASAP, if not immediately.


Hmmm....just overfull...interesting. After 4 months it decided it was overfull....hmmmm...
Hmm . . . I've heard that before . . . about two trips to the dealer before they replaced the entire differential under warranty . . . about 40,000 miles ago, back in 2006.

Good Luck!

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